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Commercial Real Estate Boot Camp

The IICLE® Commercial Real Estate Boot Camp provides intensive, fast-paced, basic training fundamental to everyday commercial real estate transactions practice, including basic forms. This course is designed for (i) lawyers with one to seven years of experience handling commercial real estate transactions; and (ii) lawyers at any level of experience seeking to learn the fundamentals of everyday commercial real estate transactions.

You will learn about (a) client intake and engagement letters; (b) drafting/reviewing a letter of intent to purchase; (c) drafting the purchase and sale agreement; (d) obtaining and reviewing a suitable ALTA survey; (e) commercial title insurance with typically required commercial endorsements; (f) three common types of escrows; (g) types of deeds typical to commercial real estate transactions; (h) required governmental notices; (i) due diligence in preparing for closing; (j) documenting party authority; (k) the basic opinion of borrowers’ counsel; and (l) common closing issues.

Basic forms will be provided!